Zola.fun - BlockChain Lottery Game Platform
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ZOLA.FUN - A BlockChain Based Lottery Game Platform

What is it?

ZOLA.FUN is a decentralized lottery game platform based on Ethereum, player uses ZOLA Game Token(ZGT) to make the bet, winner will get ZGT as prize, ZGT can be exchanged between ETH under a fixed rate on our platform. Different type of games has different rules, please see different game page.

To take part in the games, player will need to get ZGT first, the offical way to get ZGT is exchange using ETH on our platform, we will keep a exchange platform where player can buy and sale the ZOLA game token, the exchange rate will be fixed for ever (1ETH=10000ZGT), see details here

Game Type

Currently we have Stay To Lastgame, please click them for details, at the same time we are continue developing more and more fun games, if you have any suggestions you can let us know, any information is welcome.

Token Distribution

For each round of game, we will hold part of(20%) all bet ZGT as the profit, the rest 80% will be sent back to the lottery pool to distributed to the winner or move to next round game.

80% - Sale to public

Get dividends

We distribute the profit to our share token(ZST : Zola Share Token) holders after each round of game, the detail distribute works like this:

Our team will always get 15% of total profit.

The rest profit 85%  will be distributed to all ZST holders, distribution is based on the amount of ZST hold.

40% - Platform development


The total ZST supply will be 500,000,000 (500 million), the profit distribution will be based on the amount of sold ZST and the amount of each holder.

To see ZST sale progress and buy ZST, please see here.

Cross the chain

Last but not the last, ZOLA Game Token(ZGT) is a cross chain token, it will be available on most popular blockchain networks like Ethereum, NEO, EOS etc, player can transfer ZGT between supported networks, Dapp developers on supported networks can accept ZGT as token in their Dapps to make the app more attractive and more fun, for more information stay tune.